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App & Web Development

We specialize in creating distinctive and user-friendly web applications and website designs tailored to fulfill our customers' objectives. Our solutions are both scalable and dependable, setting them apart with their user-friendliness and customizable features.

Hosting Made Easy

With over two decades of experience, our hosting services are renowned for their exceptional uptime and reliability. Built on Unix/Linux servers, our hosting solutions provide a wide array of server-side functions, ensuring scalability and interactivity for your project.

Legendary Support

Our streamlined approach prioritizes customer support, minimizing the need for assistance. We're dedicated to ensuring customer satisfaction, offering exceptional support across various platforms, from email to Ruby on Rails, and everything in between.

Who We Are

Established in 2000, Cyber Technologies has forged robust partnerships with top-tier companies across diverse technological sectors.

These collaborations have significantly enriched our clients' experiences, rendering their journey with us both memorable and cost-effective.

Our extensive network of alliances empowers us to offer cutting-edge solutions and unparalleled services that elevate the value we bring to our clientele.

These longstanding relationships enable us to continually enhance our offerings, ensuring that every interaction with Cyber Technologies remains not just noteworthy but also economically advantageous for our clients.

At Cyber Tech Hosting, we continuously innovate by creating cutting-edge web applications for our clientele

Applications & Design

Phone Cam

SFTP/FTP Real time mobile device image to website

Solar Weather Injest

One of a Kind Solar Weather application

FTP Manager

SFTP/FTP Software for Mobile Devices

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Cyber Tech Hosting is committed to curating unique customer experiences in the realm of publishing. We appreciate our customers' invaluable feedback, using it as inspiration to pioneer new horizons. Our relentless pursuit involves continuously delivering innovative services and solutions.